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Topics: Branding, Brand, Brand management Pages: 3 (311 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Which fashion store you would like to visit?
A- Global brand國際品牌
B- Local brand本地品牌
C- No name brand 無名品牌

How often do you go to a Global fashion store in a month?
A- Everyday每日
B- Once for a week 1星期1次
C- Twice for a week 1星期 2次
D- Once for a month每月1次
E- Never不購買

Which products do you purchase the most in a month? (Can choose more than 1) A- Ladies wear女裝
B- Menswear男裝
C- Kidswear童裝
D- Intimate & Lingerie內衣&睡衣
E- Accessories & Jewelries首飾.飾物
F- Other, pls specified其他,請註明:

The reason of purchasing: (Can choose more than 1)
A- Safe安全
B- Special獨特
C- Quality品質
D- Environmental環保
E- Style款式
F- Reason for work 工作因素|
G- Component / Ingredient成份
H- Other, pls specified其他,請註明:
I- Comfort舒適

How many do you spend in Global fashion store?
A- Under $100
B- $101-300
C- $301-500
D- $501-700
E- $701-1000
F- $1001-1300 (4)
G- $3001-5000 (1)
H- $5001-7000 (0)
I- $7001-10000 (0)
J- Above $10000 (0)

What images of the brand you will choose? (Maximum 5choices) A- Luxury奢華的
B- Mature成熟的
C- Simple簡單的
D- Young年青的
E- Fancy花俏的
F- Comfort舒適的
G- Formal 整齊,正式的
H- Other, pls specified其他,請註明:

Where do you purchase usually? (Maximum 3 choices)?

以下有什麽可以吸引到你光顧一間時裝零售店? (可以選擇多項) A- Global brand國際品牌
B- Local brand本地品牌
C- Well-known品牌知名度
D- Visual Merchandising櫥窗設計
E- Customer services客戶服務
F- Brand concept 品牌理念
G- Quality品質
H- Multi-Option多元化選擇
I- Comfort舒適度
J- Price價格
K- Location 地點

What is the best way do you prefer receiving your favour fashion brand’ s news? (Can choose more than 1) A- Emailing郵寄
B- Mobile手機
C- Catalogue 小冊子
D- Monthly e-letter by emailing每月以電子郵件通知該月推出的產品情報 E- e-letter for new promotion by emailing every time每次有新產品推出均即時以電子郵件通知

What do you think about online shopping?
A- Convenience方便
B- Diversity多元化
C- Direct直接
D- Informative資訊充足
E- Positive正面
F- Low initiative低主動性...
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