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The following are items that reflect effectiveness of Talent Acquisition in your organization. Please answer them as they suit to your understanding. There are no right or wrong answers. You could give the appropriate answer according to the following format.

5=Completely Agree4=Agree3=Can’t Say 2=Disagree 1=Completely Disagree

1. The listing on the job portal/advertisement gave me sufficient information about the vacancy. 2. Job description provided during recruitment matches my job. 3. Method of recruitment has evaluated my knowledge and skills accurately for my job. 4. I feel organization use right sources to identify the talent. 5. Job portals and social network sites are most utilized form of attracting candidates. 6. Employee referral is a successful source to find the talent for a job. 7. Methods followed for selection process are valid and reliable. 8. Different tests conducted during selection process are aligned to the job 9. Number of rounds conducted to absorb the candidates is ample. 10. Duration of hiring process was short and convenient for the candidate. 11. Type of interview process used evaluates candidate thoroughly. 12. The questions asked in the interview are relevant enough to my job. 13. I was given training and was put in induction programs after absorption. 14. I was provided with enough information during training to perform my job efficiently. 15. I was fully briefed about the company policies during induction programs. 16. I feel Overall Talent Acquisition cycle is effective in the organization.
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