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Question 1

(Part A)

The German did not welcome the Google Street View as they treated it as an offensive action. They think it was violating the privacy of people as the camera-equipped car may accidently captured the actions of public citizens. Furthermore, the Germany`s federal minister request Google to ask for the consent of each citizens before the photos are posted on the Internet. Others suggested Google to use software to erases people from the street view or charging Google for every kilometer captured. According to Jarvis, the reason for the reaction mainly due to two points. First, there were secret police of the Nazis and the East Germany. People of Germany were living in a condition with very little privacy. So they treasure the freedom they are enjoying. The reason that Germans do not trust Google is that Google is a company of great size and making a lot of money. And they do not an American company making money on them by the Google street view.

(Part B)

According to Jarvis, constraining Google to take photos of a public place would somehow redefine the meaning of public. As it is a common understanding that public is own by every person, which includes Google, Google should have the right to use it.

Restricting Google street view will set up a bad precedent. There may be case that stopping the publicity of photo or video of some people doing bad acts in public places. If privacy is defined in this way, public will never be shared.

Privacy would easily be taken as an excuse to stop anything to show to the public. And the right of public would be declined. Scandal and injustice would easily be covered from the public.

First, people can’t control the usage ad the publicity of the photo they are. Every body in the world could see he/she in the photo. The number of people who can reach the photo is unlimited. Also, any other company for other promotion may use the picture.

Second, the camera may...
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