Question: Write About a Book You Have Read. Explain What Was Interesting About the Book.

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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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Question: Write about a book you have read. Explain what was interesting about the book.

While I was randomly walking through a rack of novels at MPH Bookstore, I stumbled upon a novel with fascinating cover shows a man holding DSLR on it. The book seems like calling me to grab it. So I went there and have a look of its title and synopsis at the back. The description was really short but attracts me to read the whole story behind its title. To make it short, I bought it for only RM 25 by using Baucer Buku 1Malaysia. The book entitled ‘KELABU’ which means grey in colour but literally means something unsure to be told. It was written by Nadia Khan, infamous writer in Malaysia. I started to read the book a week ago, in which 2 months after I bought it. At one bored night, after I have nothing to do, I started to read the first sentence of ‘KELABU’ and surprisingly, I only stop reading it after six hours. It really shows how the book gave a big impact on me to keep on reading. What makes this book became interesting is because the writer used a bombastic and brilliant words to attract youngster like me. Unlike typical Malay novel I have read before, the storyline was absolutely different and unexpected. That makes people keep on reading eagerly to know what the story was up to. I continue read the book patiently even though it has more than 400 pages. As I mentioned before, the story was strongly amazing with its twist storyline. Basically, the book is about Amir, the main character of this story whom struggled enough to find the meaning of true love in his life. He has been dumped by one girl that he loved the most while they were studying in Germany. Amir also has a family conflict since his parents separated when he was a small kid without him knowing a valid reason of his parents’ divorce. That makes him to further study in Art and Design course at Germany where his mother lived with her new family and with intention to bring back his mother into the family....
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