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The Story of Tom Brennan
J C Burke
You do not need to write the questions out but you must write in full-sentences. Prologue
1. Identify three narrative techniques and explain how they reveal to the audience that the family are escaping from their world. (Hint: first-person narration, past-tense, tone, flashback, repetition of ‘we’, etc.) 2. The first sign that this novel’s structure is non-linear (not in a straight narrative pattern) is the change from past-tense to present tense in the ‘prologue’. Explain what this structure might signify to the audience about the impact of recent events on the family member’s lives.

Chapter 1
3. The significance of football in Tom’s life and his obvious prowess in this sport is introduced in this chapter. Tom states ‘none of that mattered now.’ when thinking about the respect his family once had in the town, ‘Us Brennans used nearly ran ... the town’. Suggest the implications this (physical, social and emotional) upheaval will have on Tom’s ability to successfully go into the world when all that he knows is now in the past and all that remains is foreign.

Chapter 2
4. This chapter includes a flashback to the ‘sudden-death’ match in Mumbilli. The bitterly ironic name of the game becomes increasingly apparent as we read further in the novel. Identify one quote (and technique) which implies that this match metaphorically lived up to its name. 5. Identify two examples where Tom mentions his lack of ‘choice’ and explain the significance of the repetition in suggesting this is part of the reason Tom is not entering the world but is instead retreating. 6. Explain the importance of Tom symbolically naming his room ‘the cave’ and the motif of black.

Chapter 3
7. Make two short lists; one for Tom and the other for Kylie. List the ways each of them are withdrawing from the world. 8. ‘Gran’s place was the furthest out of town.’ (p35) and ‘Gran’s house was empty ... The lights were off ... it was...
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