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Topics: River Thames, Hampton Court Palace, Jerome K. Jerome Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: August 29, 2012
erome K. Jerome's two companions were George and Harris. What was Harris's full name? | William Samuel Harris. Harris's full name is revealed when he and George are introduced in the very first sentence of the book. He is actually based on a friend of Jerome's named Carl Hentschel. Klapka was Jerome K. Jerome's middle name. What was the name of the dog that accompanied the three friends on their journey up the River Thames?| Montmorency. Montmorency was a fox terrier. Unlike George and Harris, the dog was entirely fictional, however Jerome remarked that he "had much of me in it". Jerome went to the British Library to read up on a medical condition. After consulting a medical encyclopedia, which was the only illness that he was sure that he definitely did NOT have?| Housemaid's knee. Jerome felt slightly bemused that he did not have Housemaid's knee, as he was convinced he had everything else. Cholera he had "with severe complications", but Bright's disease he "only had in a modified form". He had originally gone to to the British Library to read up about Hayfever. Uncle Podger attempted to undertake which task himself, with disastrous consequences? | Hang a picture on the wall. Uncle Podgers DIY disaster is described at length in Chapter 3. Uncle Podger is mentioned again in Chapter 7, where Jerome tells the overzealous churchyard worker that Uncle Podger has a splendid tomb in Kensal Green Cemetery. What pungent items did Jerome agree to transport back from Liverpool for one of his friends?| Two ripe cheeses. He took the reeking cheeses back by train, which although it was crowded, he was unsurprisingly able to get a compartment all to himself. When his friend Tom eventually returned from Liverpool, the cheeses were too ripe to eat, so he tried several ways of getting rid of them - he threw them into the canal but had to fish them out after the bargemen complained, and he left them in the mortuary, but the coroner thought he was trying to wake the...
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