Question of Judgment

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  • Published : February 21, 2012
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A. Identify your topic from the approved topic list.
For my topic I have chosen, “4. What is the best way to balance protection of the U.S. homeland and individual rights?” B. Explain why it is a question of judgment.
A question of judgment is a question that has to be thought out and reasoned before an answer can be concluded. All of the facts in finding an answer to a question of judgment can be interpreted differently. Examples of Judgment questions:

* Should parents have the right to spank their children?
* Should people be allowed to smoke in public places?
* Is drug testing in public schools an invasion of student’s rights? The question “What is the best way to balance protection of the U.S. homeland and individual rights?” is asking for an opinion. But it is requiring reason and fact finding to be answered. That is what makes this question one of judgment.

C. Explain how your question is different from a question of fact or a question of preference. A question of fact has a correct answer and has evidence to lead to that answer. Examples of questions of fact:

* How much paint is needed to repaint this room?
* How many square feet is your yard?
* Who invented the bicycle?
A question of preference is an opinion or human preference. A question of preference can have many possible answers. Examples of questions of preference:
* Do you prefer to drive a truck or a car?
* Do you like renting movies or theaters?
* How do you like to apply your make-up?
These questions all ask for an opinion or reference to one’s preferences. Te question I have chosen does not have one correct answer, as a question of fact. It does not reflect a singular piece of evidence to hold it as truth. This question cannot be considered a question of preference either. Although many people would like to express an opinion to conclude this question, it takes evidence and sorting of sorts to conclude the most reasonable answer. It...
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