Question in Rizal Chapter 5-10

Topics: Philippines, Manila, José Rizal Pages: 4 (787 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Chapter 5

Direction: Identify the Following.
1. A course finished by Rizal before he transferred to the medical course. 2 These are the subject studied by Rizal during his first year term in the 3. University of Sto. Tomas.

6. What illness does Rizal’s mother have and become reason why he choose medicine? 7. Where did Rizal live during his junior year at the university? 8. Antonio’s pretty daughter.
9. Spanish writer who won the second prize in Literary Joust. 10. A sonnet wrote by Rizal on 1880.
11. A poem composed by Rizal on December 8, 1879.
12. flat-bottom sailing vessel.
13. Secret society of Filipino student in the University of Santo Tomas. 14. What do you called the members of the comradeship?
15. Birth date of Leonora Rivera.

Chapter 6

Direction: Identify the Following.
1. Who is the Ateneo Jesuit Fathers?
2. When did Rizal departed on board the Spanish steamer Salvadora bound for Singapore? 3. The ship captain of steamer Salvadora.
4. Who is the Founder of Singapore.
5. The capital of Ceylon.
6. When did Rizal reached the Naples.?
7. The most Famous street in Barcelona.
8. Rizal’s first article written on Spain’s soil and his first article in diariong Tagalog.. 9. Rizal’s pen name in “Amor Patrio”
10. Translator of “Amor Patrio” from Spanish to tagalong. 11. Rizal’s Third article of Rizal for diariong Tagalog.
12. The City Mayor of Manila during the administration of the liberal governor general Carlos Ma. De la Torre(1869-1871). 13. Rizal’s co-worker in the Propaganda Movement that was madly in love with Consuelo. 14. The date when Rizal became a Master Mason in Lodge Solidaridad. 15. The owner of Second-Hand book store.

Chapter 7

Direction: Identify the Following.
1. Editor of the newspaper La Publicidad and made a crayon sketch of Don Miguel Morayta. 2. The owner of La Publicidad and a statesman.
3. A mountainous village near Heidelberg.
4 Two children of Pastor...
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