Question and Nguyen Tran

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Nguyen Tran
Dec 6, 2012
Impression Childhood
As a girl in 9th grade, I Liked to play with friends, hated school and also missed it when I left school. I was surprised when my parents told me that we need to move to the US. From that moment I knew that I needed to enjoy each minute, each second in Vietnam. One week no school to do some paper work, I missed class so much, I missed my friends that studied with me throughout four years and had shared sad and happy memories with me. Many times I dreamed about the day I would leave, and every time I woke up my tears didn’t stop coming out. I had many images about school, my life there and the people I loved constantly pulsing and blinking my mind. I lost my spirit for the whole week after I found the news.

The lawyer called my family and I had to go to the city to process my paper work there for about a week. It meant I needed to off school about one week and go to Saigon, the city located far away from my house. It would wake about 6 hours to drive car there by. After I wrote a letter for the principal to tell him about my situation, he accepted the request for me to of school one week and gave me back some of my school information to bring to with me. Then, my family and I went to Saigon, finished some procedures and physical examinations and waited for the most important thing, our interview. Fortunately, that result was very good and we would leave in March.

We had just gotten back form Saigon when I decided to continue learning until we left instead of staying home. Shyly, I entered the class with a new hairstyle. I used all of my strength to say, “Hello everybody, I’m back.” Then, the biggest mouth in my class said loudly, “Hey, who are you? You are not in my class.” I opened my eyes without blinking for a while and recognized that he was kidding me. “I missed you so much girl, how was your trip? One of my friends asked me. “I missed you too, I missed you guys so much, that week felt...
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