Question and David Carr

Topics: Question, Television, 21st century Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: December 10, 2012
on article by David Carr

«A TV Schedule in the Hands of Whoever Holds the Remote»

How to choose the right channel with appreciable programs and allow yourself to switch off the problems of daily routine in the armchair? The truthful and really worthy answer on this question is hiding in the article by David Carr opened to the fans of the time-wasters in front of their TV’s in The New York Times, which is also devoted television problem of 21st century. Taking to consideration that 21st century is a century high-developed technologies, the offered headline by Carr makes real sense. Why? Because today we are rambling between the technologies that help us (people) to get what we agreeably want. It also concerns television. The people want to choose what exactly they want to see which turns problematic for them. Raising the question up-edge the author underlines how television changed since it has been launched for the first time. When the television has appeared in lives of people, it brought a new wave of entertainment that could change a boring amusement on incredible film with the favorite actor or catchy TV-shows etc. However, now, as the author mentions this entertainment transformed into the retail, if it is possible to say. There is also a place of fight for every detail that makes watching comfortable for the extra payment and it is well known what can turn out under the cover. For this reason, the audience is leaving and choosing the Internet. Concerning cohesion and coherence. For instance, the first sentence starts with “so far” that leads to the introduction of the problem in the text, showing the reality and proceeding to the past “even then”, “when”. The coherence is supported with keywords that usually describe the problem – “television”, “stream”, “broadcast networks”, “audience”, “commercials” etc. The structure of the article is considered to be complicated where the facts consist of extracts that are united by the idea of the...
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