Question and Attitude

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The attitude is the buzz word today and I’ve taken this opportunity to make a sincere effort to create some impression on your minds about attitude.

Let me start this in lighter vein. A board displayed on speaker’s subject went like this – “Want to know about hell, please do come and listen to Mr. T K Mohan presenting it to you today”. Hope the same meaning is not conveyed to what I’m presenting to you and I sincerely trust and believe you will enjoy my presentation on Attitude.

What attitude means?

The simple meaning of attitude is “Settled behaviour”. Here comes another question. If it is settled behaviour why it is so important and treated as the foremost characteristic in modern Personality Development. Attitude is a mixture of belief, feelings, values, decision making, execution and planning in complex manner and action being done in a patterned way.

Attitude and character :-

The Albert Einstein the greatest scientist has given the opinion that “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”. Another Scientist Thomas Alwa Edison had the attitude to admit he has failed more times to invent bulb but had the courage to say “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work”. That was his attitude towards failure which made him very strong and was the reason behind his success.

The man who laughs last laughs longer is a very famous proverb in English. Everyone who wants to win has to remember this. The success is not determined on how many failures you had, it is determined on whether you have successfully converted the failures into success. This is being very correctly quoted by Darch E Gibbons – “Success is just a matter of attitude”

It is all in your hands - The Birbal Story :-

Let me tell you a story. This is a real incident happened between Akbar and Birbal.

The ministers of Akbar were envious on Birbal. They thought Birbal was not as intelligent as the King thinks. They wanted Birbal to be eliminated as he was very intelligent, skilled and was very dear to the King Akbar. They went and told Akbar that he was giving Birbal more than what he deserved. They told him that they can prove this. They gave a Beautiful Butterfly to Akbar and wanted him to hold it in his hand. They wanted Akbar to hold a butter fly and ask a simple question with a condition if Birbal answers wrongly he will be sentenced to death.

The question was indeed a simple one - “Is the fly on my hand alive or dead?” If Birbal answers dead the Ministers wanted Akbar to release the Butterfly and if Birbal answered in the other way the Ministers wanted Akbar to kill the butterfly. Akbar understood the mindset of his Ministers. But, Akbar believed Birbal’s Skill and intelligence and agreed to this. Akbar told his Ministers he will summon Birbal the next day and do the same. The Ministers were happy and with joy of Birbal being cornered and with the thought he can never come out of this situation left home.

Next day Akbar called Birbal to meet him along with his other Ministers. When Birbal came, he asked him the question holding the butterfly in his hand – “Is the fly on my hand alive or dead?” Do you know the reply of Birbal? It was this – “It is all in your hands majesty”. What an answer it was? Akbar praised Birbal for his timely and shrewd answer. The ministers had to agree with grudge their defeat and agreed that Birbal was not only intelligent but indeed good at handling difficult situations.

What is this story got to do with attitude? This may be the question all of you must be having in your mind. Let me clear it for you. You are the King Akbar and the Attitude is the beautiful butterfly you have on your hand. To have it alive and to kill it is all in your hands. You can shape your own attitude and decide its fate.

The Number Game :-

The story times is over and let us play a game. Let us give values of each of alphabets in English. Like A = 1, B = 2, C = 3,...
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