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1. What are the essential requisites of an ideal form of business organization? Explain the criteria for the selection of the form of organization. (20) Solution: REQUISITES OF AN IDEAL FORM OF BUSINESS ORGANISATION: Before we discuss how to select a particular form of business organisation in a given situation, we should know the essentials of an ideal form of organisation. This may help you in the evaluation of each form of organisation in the right perspective and take the final decision about the choice of a particular form more judiciously. The requisites of an ideal form of organisation are as follows :

1. Ease of formation: An important factor for preferring a particular form of organisation to another is the ease with which a business can be brought into existence. The comparative ease of difficulty in forming a particular form of organisation mainly depends on three factors: {i) formation expenses by way of registration fee, stamp duty, fees of legal experts, charges involved in the drafting of documents, obtaining licenses, etc., (ii) legal formalities, and (iii) procedural delays, etc. Unless it is very essential, it is better to go for an organisation which is easy to form. 2. Scope of raising capital: The choice of organisation mainly depends on the amount of capital required which is determined by the nature of business and the scale of operations. For example, if you want to open a retail shop in groceries, the amount of capital needed will not be much. But if you want to set up a sugar factory, you may require a large amount of capitaI. Ideal form of organisation is one which provides scope for raising the amount of capital as and when required. 3. Extent of liability: YO& know that the element of risk and uncertainty is prevalent in each business. In view of this, normally, the businessmen prefer limited liability. Obviously, limited liability is considered as an important feature of a good form of organisation. However, a certain amount of risk is also found to be important to provide the needed spur for initiative, drive, and involvement in business. Many times, the absence of such spur leads to weakness, inefficiency and even dishonesty on the part of management personnel. 4. Flexibility of operations: The form of organisation should be very flexible and adaptable to changing business conditions without much difficulty or complication. For example, if you want to expand your business, diversify or modernize the plant and equipment, the organisalion should be able to meet all requirements. 5. Stability and continuity: Stability and long life of business is desirable from the point of view of owners, employees, and customers. Employees always prefer a stable and continuous employment. If the business is stable, the owner should be able to formulate plans for the future and to make investments paying for a considerable length of time. From the customers' point of view also,...
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