Queer Theory

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  • Published : December 8, 2005
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Ashley Janusek

August 25, 2005

Psychology 230

Assignment 2: Queer Theory

After initially making what I'm sure is a common misconception nowadays,

researching the Queer Theory has brought me "up to speed" so to speak, on what this

new-aged, misunderstood set of beliefs actually means. To begin, the Queer Theory is,

"a set of ideas based around the idea that identities are not fixed and do not determine

who we are" (Butler 1990). Basically, this definition can be broken down into several

parts. Not only does the Queer Theory deal with homosexuality, but it also deals with

feminism and any type of sexual act that is "queer" by definition. Queer is defined as

"odd," "peculiar," and "out of the ordinary," The common misconception today, sadly, is

that the Queer Theory pertains solely to the lives of homosexuals, which is absolutely

false. The Queer Theory also deals with common stereotypes based on gender roles,

which is where feminism comes into play. Women are normally associated with skirts,

dresses, the motherly figure, whereas the Queer Theory states that these ideals are forced

onto women by society, and are not biologically innate. The Queer Theory challenges

many ideals that we know today, which is why it is such a controversial point of

discussion in all forms of society.

Personally, I feel the Queer Theory has an immense amount of merit, and I think

that as more and more time passes, society will accept more and more of the terms and

conditions they are presented concerning the Queer Theory. I believe that as generations

grow more liberal with time, homosexuality will become more of an everyday lifestyle,

just as women wearing pants were not accepted in the 1800's, but now aren't anything

out of the ordinary. Also, as a person who dresses more alternative and liberal than some

other girls, I believe that the gender roles/restrictions placed on society...
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