Queen to Be

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Queen to be

I chose the title “Queen to be” because this is a position that I wholeheartedly want, and have been longing for since the ninth grade. I believe that if I want something I have to go out and get it, putting fourth my best efforts, and determination to do the best I possibly can to obtain the desired which is to be crowned 2007-2008 homecoming Queen. Enabled to run and the possibility of me winning will mean so much to me as it symbolizes a courageous step I will be taking, and will be marked as a memorable moment in my high school years.

I am fun, friendly, motivated, and passionate. I contribute to this school in many ways aside from making good grades. I love to volunteer my help to teachers, and anyone else I see that may need it. I stay after school for tutoring, because my determination to do good in class pushes me to seek extra help for my better understanding. I also stay after school for softball practice and I am a cheerleader on the side. My commitment to these extracurricular activities portray my devotion to the things im involved in. I am very involved in my community as I am a teacher’s assistant at the Science Academy located at the University of Southern California. I participate in the annual Watts health fair as I test the blood sugar and cholesterol of the people in the community. I tutored kids in the after school program at an elementary school, and I am very active in my church. I am a very positive person, and I believe each person has to live their lives as a model for others as I do my two younger siblings where I help them all the time with anything they need help with hoping they follow in my footsteps. I think some of the key leadership qualities are having the ability to set good examples, have a positive mind-set, be open-minded, have excellent social skills, make wise decisions, and motivate others positively. I believe these are qualities that I possess, and I hope that you consider my qualities and give me a...
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