Queen Elizabeth's Publicity Efforts

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How did Elizabeth use Publicity to present an ideal version of her self?

How did Elizabeth use publicity to present an ideal version of her self?

1. Introduction

2. Paragraph 1 coronation

3. Paragraph 2 progresses

4. Paragraph 3 portraits

5. Paragraph 4 word of mouth

6. Paragraph 5 conclusion

How did Elizabeth use publicity to present an ideal version of her self?

Becoming the new Queen after Mary her eldest step sister, Daughter of Catherine of Aragon, Elizabeth needed good publicity to win support and respect from her people especially that their was a new “Queen” to the thrown. To do this they did not have newspapers, photographs, radio broadcasts, television programmes and the internet since they did not exist, but however they did use portraits and paintings, where the artist would purposely add a propaganda to in a way change the viewers idea of that person in this case Elizabeth. And Progresses where Elizabeth travelled around the world for people who couldn’t afford to come to see her and her coronation, where many foreign visitors attended and of course word of mouth and gossip.

Elizabeth’s 1st major opportunity to present an ideal version of her self was at her coronation. This was one of her greatest moments to achieve good publicity to her people and very important foreign visitors and nobles which attended. Elizabeth had to make a good first impression so tried and succeeded. This being her day to impress and present her self at the coronation she had to make sure it was a great day to remember. Everything was vital! Elizabeth decided that the coronation should take place in London on the 15th of January 1559 after consulting her Astrologer because of course she had to make sure it would be sunny for the 10 days it lasted and this date would apparently give her a longer reign. Especially after her sister Mary died Elizabeth was faced with debts of 250,000 and this was a concern because it would leave them open to wars if enemies knew they had no money, so this was Elizabeth’s time to show of, and spend a lot of money to show other countries how much money they have, by spending it on the coronation and her dress to show how powerful and rich Elizabeth is which is what she did. Elizabeth was determined to make it as impressive as possible with a grand banquet afterwards, all this cost at least £16,000, a huge sum of money which again tried to show how much money they have and to present Elizabeth as extremely wealthy that it wouldn’t bother her to spend that much on a coronation. Also on the coronation it was a day where she will be revealed so what she looked like was very important. On her coronation Elizabeth had to present her self to look very powerful and wealthy especially that there is another woman to the thrown so she had 4 state dresses made; one, for her procession through the city, of twenty-three yards of gold and silver and gold lace covering, her coronation robe with a great cloak of ermine and embroidered silk and two other state dresses, of crimson and violet velvet followed on by rubies and diamonds and if that was not enough Elizabeth was carried on a platform covered in golden silk which followed by her noble, officials and servants and also changing her outfit twice during the ceremony again to show of with money and also to show how beautiful she is.

Another way Elizabeth presented an ideal version of her self was in her progresses; here she presented her self once again to be very wealthy and rich so people would not assume they weren’t in huge debt. Due to not many of Elizabeth’s people being able to travel to London to see her, Elizabeth decided to go on tours around the country so they could, by doing this Elizabeth showed everyone that she was very wealthy that she could travel around Europe just so people could see her for those who did not, but this took quite a while...
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