Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth l Research Paper
TJ Sheats
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Queen Elizabeth had a 45 year reign which was considered one of the most glorious reigns in English history. Her reign also included many famous accomplishments she had in 1554 during her reign. Accomplishments like ending the war with France and was a diplomatic genius in handling European countries. She also brought back the Church of England, by signing law called the "Religious Settlement" which was refused to ever marry. Queen Elizabeth used her single status as a tool in foreign policies and used courtship as part of her diplomatic game. Elizabeth sent an army to help Protestants in the Dutch Netherlands to fight the Spaniards, Then she destroyed the "Spanish Armada" when the Spaniards came to attack England, Dubbed herself "The Virgin Queen" after dedicating herself to be married to England then encouraged English literature and world exploration around England and the world. Queen Elizabeth also sponsored the establishment of a colony in the New World and Sir Francis Drake's voyage around the world during her reign. Another famous accomplishment of Queen Elizabeth l was when she encouraged Sir Walter Raleigh to send settlers to America, setting up the great colonial empire-later becoming the United States of America.

During this famous time period this period this was known as the “Elizabethan Age” or the “Golden Age." England's economy prospered and Elizabeth I's court became the center for musicians, writer and scholars, such as William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlow and Edmund Spenser. After Mary died in 1558, Elizabeth was next in line to become Queen of England. The people loved her and Elizabeth was crowned Queen Elizabeth I in 1559 at the age of 25. Mary had already plunged England into a costly war with France and the country's treasury was empty. England hoped Elizabeth would bring back peace and prosperity and stop the persecution of the Protestants. Queen Elizabeth I was an extremely intelligent and a powerful diplomat. She was an incredibly popular queen and reminded people of King Henry VIII, with her red hair and brilliant speaking abilities. Elizabeth I also chose genius advisors, which included the brilliant Sir Francis Walsingham and Sir William Cecil (later named Lord Burghley), who was cautious and conservative like Elizabeth. Elizabeth relied on their wisdom and guidance for forty years. During Elizabeth's long reign, the nation also suffered from high prices and severe economic depression, especially in the countryside, during the 1590s. The war against Spain was not very successful after the Armada had been beaten and, together with other campaigns, it was very costly. Also Queen Elizabeth kept a tight rein on government expenditure; Elizabeth left large debts to her successor. Wars during Elizabeth's reign are estimated to have cost over £5 million (at the prices of the time) which Crown revenues could not match - in 1588, for example, Elizabeth's total annual revenue amounted to some £392,000. Besides combinations of financial strains and prolonged war after 1588, Parliament was not summoned more often.

Elizabeth defeat of the Spanish Armada was one of the most famous events in English History. Although what was really Queen Elizabeth's finest hour during her reign. For years she hailed as the English Deborah, the savior of the English people. Then it seemed that this is what she had really become. She was now Bellona, the goddess of war, and in triumph she had led her people to glory. Spain was the most powerful country in the world defeating the greatest power in the 16th century world. New England which was a small country, with little wealth, few friends, and many enemies. If Queen Elizabeth ever felt nervous about challenging the greatest power in the known world, she never showed it. She appeared to believe completely in the devotion and loyalty of her people. By believing in them, they...
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