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I am Deborah and I know my God

We are living in a day and time where 1 must be confident in what it is that God has called them to do. One thing I am for sure of is them that God has called he has already qualified. Before your parents even met, before you were formed, God already had a plan for your life, and The things in your life that have taken place up til now have all been a precursor to the next dimension you are headed to.

There are confident people and there are confident cocky people

A person who is real confident doesn’t say much. You can always tell a confident person, not by what they say, it’s by what they don’t say. A confident person is not the person always talking. A confident person is the one that comes into the room and changes the atmosphere without having to say a word. A confident person is a person of influence, not so much by what they say, but how they deliver. A confident person stands on something other than themselves. You really don’t know why they are confident because they don’t say much, but there is a reason unseen behind their confidence. They don’t tell you what they have, but they don’t hide it from you either.

DEBORAH – Israel’s Holy Lady
Judges 4, 5
 1. Deborah is one of the heroic women of history. She was one of the most talented women of the Bible – a wife, mother, prophetess, judge, poetess, singer, and political leader. Her life is a wonderful illustration of the power that womanhood has to influence society for good. The great influence that Deborah possessed is evident in the fact that all Israel came to her for counsel and judgment.  2. The life of Deborah is recorded in Judges 4-5. Chapter 4 contains the prose narrative and chapter 5 contains the story in poetry. From these accounts we discover the following facts about Deborah’s life:   a. She was married (4:4). Lappidoth was her husband. Here is an interesting point to ponder.  We would never know of Lappidoth if not for his wife! This is the case today. Many men are honored and respected only because their wives are holy.  b. She possessed talents (4:4,5).

 c. She had a great faith (4:4,6,14; 5:13).
  d. She is the only woman Judge (4:4). Deborah is the only woman who served God as an official of the State government. Other women served as Queen but they had usurped the role.   e. She was well respected (4:5). When she asked Barak, a general from Naphtali, to come to her (4:6,14), he did not hesitate.  f. She confronted wrongs (4:5; 5:14b-17, 23).

 g. She took action to help others (4:9).
  h. She was a prophetess. Only two other women in the Old Testament share this honored designation (Miriam, Ex 15:20; Huldah, 2 Ki 22:14-20).  3. Deborah lived in a period of Israel’s history that was tragic. Spirituality was at a low point. The standard of behavior was anarchy. During her time the nation was oppressed by Canaanite rulers (4:1-3). “Oppressed” is the same word used to describe Israeli bondage in Egypt (Ex 3:9). The oppression of Israel was directly associated with the spiritual decay that had corrupted that nation. Consider some of the causes for Israel’s spiritual decline:  a. It had failed to give honor to God (Ps 33:12).

  b. It had failed to separate herself from evil associations (1 Co 15:33).   c. It had failed to obey God’s rules for life (Jud 17:6; 21:25). It could not distinguish between right and wrong.  NOTE: In such a tragic time, God used a woman to bring the erring nation back to the right way! Women have the power to correct and restore spirituality or they have the power to propel further deterioration.   4. Deborah was a godly woman whose leadership abilities would restore Israel’s security. Look at the following leadership qualities she possessed and discuss how each could help the lady accomplish her task.  a. She was a woman of wisdom.

  People came to get her advice from distant places. She was recognized as one who possessed sound judgment and level thinking. She could offer...
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