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Que Es Un Emisor?

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Where you were born?

Born in the San Ildefonso Jueyes Rio sector in Coamo PR a July 31, 1946.

Where you lived?

Lived most of my life in the San Ildefonso Jueyes Rio sector in Coamo PR.

How was your childhood?

My childhood was a very nice despite the limitations they had. I was a happy girl, because since small, lovingly taught me to appreciate what he had. My parents were poor but they had amazing values. They were humble and that humility was a girl I was friendly with everyone. My mother had very little school but possessed and has a vast knowledge of what life is and how it must be lived always stressing that we must respect to be honest and fear God and had no regrets, unlike one accepted with love, which also possessed more than he had shared with the least in that aspect I would say that the past will win this.

How was your education?

My education was also a beautiful season. The school was next to my house, so I took nothing for me I arrived in the classroom. The teachers were warm and he had great respect, parents would tell their children that school was his second home so it had to look at the teacher as a parent, and as such the teacher exercised that role in addition to teaching. In first grade my teacher was named Ms. Torres, one day I disobeyed and she gave me a wing and recess I went and I hid under my house and a small wooden house and rang the bell to return to the classroom I do not enter that was enough for my mom to hit me, I never again did anything wrong, but I never forget that.

Few family?

My family is a large hath my parents stayed fifteen sons and twelve today.

Had some work at that time?

For when I was growing up was mostly the working man, the woman was almost always a homemaker. Jobs were tilling the soil, dairy cattle breeding, pig raising cane cutters and weeding the roadside that most were not paved. There were also those who exercised their Professions, as I had had the good fortune to attend a...

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