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monster possesses personality traits of kindness and humanity

In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley creates many differences between Victor Frankenstein and his creation, but simultaneously creates parallels between the two. 

Victors siblings and parents are perfect in his eyes and never deny him anything, whereas the creature is rejected by everyone who sees him from the moment he begins breathing.

 When the creature is born, however, the first thing that happens to him is that his creator irrationally abandons the new being in his state of innocence because he is unable to endure the aspect of the being [he] had created (56). While Victors parents view him as their plaything and their idol...bestowed on them by Heaven (), Victor, denying his creature all of the love that he himself was fortunate enough to have, regards the monster as a wretch and a miserable monster

As a result of each characters childhood circumstances, Victor becomes a selfish adult who does not understand consequences and the creatures natural kindness develops into vengeful misery.


 Firstly, although for different purposes, the pair have a hunger to obtain knowledge.  The monster yearns to educate himself in French to approach the humans.  Next, the two find themselves to be lonely individuals.  Victor Frankenstein, though having a family and college professors, does not seem to have any close friends.  Instead of socializing with those living on the college campus, Victor devotes his time and energy to establishing his creation.  In comparison to Victor, the creature's loneliness seems to be far more extreme and quite sad.  The creature has absolutely no one.  Abandoned by his creator, the creature is presented as a hideous monster

* absence of motherly figures in both Victor’s and the Monster’s lives: At a young age, Frankenstein was left without his mother, Caroline, after her death and as a result, he never got to experience the true feelings of a mother’s warm touch...
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