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A Muslim - holds strongly to Islamic principles, but yet is adaptable to change when applying them in response to contemporary issues and challenges. A Muslim - is morally and spiritually strengthened to face the challenges of modern society, especially the changing economy. A Muslim - knows about Islamic history and civilization, and is intellectually equipped to understand Islam and contemporary issues of the Islamic world. A Muslim - believes that a good Muslim is also a good citizen. A Muslim - is well adjusted to living in a secular state and multi-religious society, and contributes to global humanity, including taking leadership roles. LOVE:

Abdullah bin Al-Haarith said, “I didn’t see anyone who smiled more than the Messenger of Allah (s).” – (At-Tirmithee, 3641). “Allah. It all starts with Him – the universe, humanity, and our own conception – and it all comes back to Him in the end. There’s no victory without Him, no progress, no peace. Strengthen your relationship with Him in the easy times, and you will find Him beside you in the hard times.” – Wael Abdelgawad “Allah (God) is an exponential word.” – Imam Zaid Shakir “Keep your head up, forge forward fee-sabeel-illah, keep praying, learning, thinking, following your dreams, and loving the people in your life. It’s all worth it, it all matters and makes a difference. Every single thing you do is meaningful, even when you don’t see it. You are my brothers, my sisters, my heroes.” – Wael Abdelgawad “When you’re out of ideas, that’s when faith comes in. Let Allah show you the way.” – Wael Abdelgawad RESPECT:
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