Quartz Rock - 4th Grade Paper

Topics: Mineral, Quartz, Sedimentary rock Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: March 14, 2011
My Favorite Rock

My selected rock is a quartz rock. The rock has the shape of a hexagonal prism ending in a six sided pyramid. Although they have also been known to have a dull luster and be the color of black, my quartz is clear (transparent), smooth, and is shiny in luster. I chose this rock because of its close resemblance to a diamond. This specific quartz comes from Tibet and is also known as Cute Tibet Carbon Phantom. The quartz rock is a hard mineral. It is number 7 on the Mohs scale for hardness. The Mohs scale for hardness is a scale that shows how hard a mineral is when scraped on another mineral. The Mohs scale is from 1 to 10 with Talc in number 1 and diamond in number 10 of the scale. Quartz at number 7 is considered quite hard. This hardness makes Quarts a useful rock in several applications. All quartz crystals have properties of piezoelectricity. This means that quartz crystals accumulate an electric charge when a mechanical strain is applied. A common example of piezoelectricity would be a push start propane button on a barbecue grill. The mechanical strain of pushing the button causes electrical charge to accumulate on the crystal causing a spark that would then ignite the propane gas. Quartz is the most common mineral an earth, it is found nearly anywhere and is a component of almost every rock type. It is very hardy in different temperatures. Quartz crystals are found in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. Quartz crystals are found in mountain tops, beaches, deserts, and rivers. Quartz is very heat-resistant and scratchproof. There are many different types of quartz. One of my favorite types of quartz crystal is the Chrysoprase because it is colored in my favorite color of green. Chrysoprase is a gemstone and an ornamental stone. All quartz crystals, including those that have dark color, have a white streak. The streak of a mineral is the color of the scrape of a mineral when rubbed on a special plate. Quartz...
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