Quartering Act of 1765 Summary

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Intolerable Acts, American Revolution Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Quartering act of 1765

The terms of the quartering act of 1765 were that each colonial assembly was directed to provide for the basic needs of soldiers stationed within its borders. The quartering of soldiers in colonies caused a huge controversy and played a huge part in the start of the American Revolution.

The colonists did not like the formal soldiers of the British. They preferred to have militia men which were soldiers of the colonies. Also, they did not have the money for all that fancy stuff anyway so they stayed basic and they did not like how the British wanted to change them. New York was the heaviest resisters of the quartering act. On January of 1776 the assembly showed that they were by refusing to pay the full amount to the crown. The British did not let them have soldiers until they paid the full amount to the crown and even though we ended up paying that left a mark with the colonists.

When 1500 British soldiers came to the New York provincial assembly and when the colonists refused to pay them, they went back on their ships and stayed. The Quartering act played a huge part in the American Revolution because it was one of the things that helped America realize why we didn’t even need the British. Even though this act expired on March 24, 1767, there ended up being a new quartering act. This one of the intolerable acts that the colonists couldn’t stand, and everyone knows that everybody has his or her breaking point and this act may have triggered that.

The biggest reason why this was a problem in the colonies is that the quartering act was basically a tax for no reason. The colonists had to give money; food and shelter for protection for people that they didn’t even think were a threat to them. I feel that the quartering of soldiers was kind of stupid and not even necessary. What is the point of the colonists feeding the soldiers when the British are beyond wealthy?

The Quartering act of 1765 will always be remembered as one of the...
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