Quarantine of 1937

Topics: United States, World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The Quarantine of 1937

The Quarantine of 1937
The Quarantine Speech of 1937 given by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) propositioned the idea of quarantining aggressive nations as an alternative to war. Even though many Americans were drawn to isolation, FDR was hoping to convince 90 percent of the American population this was the way to go (Haight, 1962). During the speech FDR did not specifically point out a nation which was being targeted but it was likely he was talking about the war in Europe or was it geared towards Japan and their aggression towards China. “By remaining vague, Roosevelt had the advantage of not committing himself to a specific policy or set actions” (AP Central, 2002). The isolationist feeling of Americans were that of refraining from political and economic relations with other countries. Roughly ten years after World War I the United States fell into the great depression where a lot of money was invested and America did not fully recover. This may have been weighing on the minds of the citizens of the United States and swaying their attitudes toward the isolationist feeling. The Neutrality Acts of the 1930’s were originally passed as a way to thwart the United States from entering into foreign wars thus showing the United States neutrality (U.S Department of State Office of the Historian, n.d.). FDR did not like the international aggression which was taking place around the world. His views and quarantine speech led to many protests by isolationist in America (Aboukhadijeh, 2012). FDR wanted to redirect his foreign policy from the problems in England and France towards Germany to that of domestic problems which had more importance to him (Brajkovic, 1978). With his speech FDR was trying to rally Americans around the idea of joining with other countries and cut ties with the belligerents. American’s having isolationist feelings does what for the United States? By following through with the...
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