Quantum Leadership

Topics: Management, Leadership, Skill Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: September 16, 2012
The world we live in has unique specifications, which did not exist in the past. They are unique and different because of the fast developments of technology and knowledge. One of these specifications is rapid change. The emergence of Internet led to the fast flow of information and an increase in communications. In the industrial age, which there was no Internet yet, changes pace were slow. Hence people had enough time to adapt to new changes. But the pace of change is so high and it makes it very difficult for people and organizations to adapt to them. Some of changes that organizations are gone through include: Work was inherently important in the past. The process of work was very important. But is not important anymore. Work is as important as the amount of value that it adds to the organization or as much as it helps the organization to reach its goals. Workers used to learn what to do at work. But they should know how to their jobs before they are hired. They should acquire enough knowledge and skills by studying at colleges or academic institutes. Organizations had vertical structures before and managers at high levels were responsible for making decisions. Whenever an organization was established everything would be defined beforehand. Leaders were responsible to control the organization. They had to assure that every personnel and worker was working due to the defined routines and processes. But in our age, organizations should have horizontal structures. Controlling has no more application. We live in a fluid environment. Leaders should let employees to make mistakes and learn from them. Employees should have somewhat freedom to act as they want and as they think is wright. Quantum Leadership is all about change. According to this theory, change is a never-ending journey. It happens continuously and brings chaos and challenges. Therefore, leaders should make themselves ready and educate themselves to adapt to changes. They should learn to become...
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