Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Centre for Continuing Education
Executive MBA
(OIL & GAS Management)
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Assignment – 1
Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications
MBCQ -721
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies
Last Date to submit Assignment-1:-15th Sep 2012
Each question carries equal marks. Attempt all.

1. Point out the assumptions of Linear Programming. Solve the following by using graphical method; Maximize z =- 5y, subject to x +y ≤ 1, 0.5x + 5y ≥ 0, and x ≥ 0, y ≥ 0. 2. Explain the meaning of two person zero sum game. Define saddle point in a game. Clearly explain the rules of dominance for a game. 3. Define Binomial & Poisson Distributions. A problem in QT is given to three students A, B, and C whose chances of solving it are ½, ¾ and ¼ respectively. What is the probability that the problem will be solved if all of them try independently? 4. Explain the difference and relation between a transportation & assignment problem. SECTION B (TOTAL MARKS 30)

Each question carries Equal marks. Attempt all.
5. a) In a petroleum engineering workshop there are seven machines for drilling, two for turning, three for milling and one for grinding. Four types of brackets are made. Type A is found by work study to require 7 minutes drilling, 3 minutes turning, 2.5 minutes milling, and 1.5 minutes grinding, and the corresponding times in minutes for the other types are: B: 5, 0, 1.5,0.5 ; C: 14, 6, 9, 3.5 ; D: 26, 9, 11, 1.5. How many of each type of brackets should be produced per hour in order to keep all the machines fully occupied?         b) A manufacturer of printed fabrics has three machines, that prepare raw fabric and five machines  that print on it. Two types of printed fabrics are produced; type A requires 3 minutes per meter to prepare and 6 minutes per meter to print, while type B...
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