Quantitative Technique for Business

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision analysis Pages: 26 (6812 words) Published: April 26, 2013


The School of Management & Entrepreneurship

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Management Decision Science

Semester-2 (2011-2013)

Module Leader
Dr. Rana Singh


Course Outcomes and Objectives| 02|
Learning Outcomes| 04|
Readings| 04|
Learning Process| 06|
Support for Your Learning| 07|
Course Assessment| 07|
Regulations| 08|
Expectations| 08|
Using Unfair Means| 09|
Coursework Task 1: Spread sheet Functions| 10|
Coursework Assessment Task 2: Assessed Business Plan –Individual| 11| Coursework Assessment Task 2a: Assessed Presentation-Individual| 12| Coursework Assessment Task 3: Mid Term Test 1| 13|

Weekly Coverage| 13|
Week 1: Management Decision Science: An Introduction| 14| Week 2: Business Modelling and Business Plans –Decisions Using Ms-Excel| 15| Week 3: Linear Programming, Linear Programming Models: Graphical and Computer Methods| 16| Week 4: Linear Programming Modeling Applications with Computer Analysis in Excel| 17| Week 5: Linear Programming and Sensitivity Analysis| 18| Week 6: Transportation, Assignment and Network Models| 19| Week 7: Decision Analysis| 20|

Week 8: Simulation Modeling| 21|

Course Outcomes and Objectives:
The Management Decision Science course aims at imparting business modelling skills and decision making skills in order to optimise resources at the workplace by learning the conceptual underpinnings of decision making concepts and integrating it with the spread sheet skills so as to be comfortable in decision making with the help of spread sheets.

The course has two pronged focus. Firstly the students are expected to enhance their learning of the various functions, functionalities and applications of Ms-Excel and its usage in the process of decision making. In the modern times, spread sheets have been used and are in vogue in the process of teaching decision making. The course contents are also taught in the name of operations research /management science /decision modelling/ Managerial Decision Modeling with spread sheets / Business Modeling / MS-Excel and Business Modeling.

The course aims at imparting the various tools of decision making at the workplace and the spread sheet skills so that the MBA participants are comfortable to take decisions at the workplace by modelling the real world alternatives and scenarios using spread sheet modelling.

This module handbook outlines the essential readings and references for the course and will act as a reference guide for the full semester. The students will acquire the spread sheet skills and the decision making skills by applying them on real world problems and situations. Through self-study and group working elements, first part of the course introduces students to the various functions, functionalities and applications of MS-Excel 2010 in its current form and how it is used in Business Modelling and decision making. Spread sheet based decision modelling is gaining prominence in the corporate world gradually. The MBA participants are expected to optimally integrate the knowledge of decision making tools and the knowledge regarding Ms-Excel to integrate the two in order to optimize resources and to facilitate decision making process. The students shall also be motivated to combine their power to logically model and analyse decision making scenarios with software-based solution procedures. The students are required to focus on acquiring skills needed to apply decision models to different types of organizational decision making situations. It also aims at introducing the student towards developing business plan by taking series of associated and interlinked decisions and develop financial projections, business plan report and powerpoint presentation reflecting the various decision making...
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