Quantitative Research

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  • Published : February 15, 2012
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Quantitative research has been a numerical representation as well as manipulation of the observations for the objective about describing and explaining phenomena, which these observations reflect (Babbie, 2007). This has been used in lot of natural as well as social sciences, which includes biology, physics, sociology, psychology as well as geology. Research project where quantitative research would be most appropriate Research is an orderly investigation of the subject matter for aim of adding to the knowledge. With-in realm of the educational planning, several things have been always changing like structures of education systems, curriculums as well as text-books, mode of teaching, techniques of teacher’s training, amount as well as kind of provision to the schools like science laboratory, furniture, text-books, class-room supply, and so on. Widely used way to classify educational research study is for defining different kinds of research according to the types of information which they give. There have been several kinds of education research studies as well as there have been number of ways, in which they can be classified. The studies can be classified according to the topic where-by specific phenomena which have being investigated are used for grouping the studies. In the research on problems have been concerned with the educational planning, major educational research question may be subsumed under the three quantitative research techniques like correlational, descriptive as well as causal. So in the education planning quantitative research would be most appropriate Quantitative research usually uses techniques that are adopted from physical sciences, which have been designed towards ensuring the reliability, generalizability as well as objectivity. Such techniques include the techniques in which the research participants have been selected one by one from study population in the un-biased manner, standardized questionnaire or the...
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