Quantitative Reasoning for Business

Topics: Scientific method, Need to know, Reasoning Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: May 27, 2009
Quantitative Reasoning for Business Self Reflection
The principal objective of this paper is explain the self impact about Quantitative Reasoning for Business course and the advantage by learning the tools and skills.

Quantitative Reasoning for Business Course
This is an advantage tool that will use in all my worker life. The Q.R.B. can help us to develop the skills specially the finance, accounting, research and operation. Here can see a clear example of the daily problems to which a manager can be exposed and the importance of being prepared to face any of them, is very important to develop manager skills in accounting, finances, mathematics, This course is a tool who can help us to introduce to the real business world and be prepare to the next courses. In personal looking the paper can see all the mathematics equations and graphics and consider this can help me to develop and improve in these areas because the mathematics is one of my weaknesses. But the good thing is we can take advantage from the Center for Mathematics Excellence to do a better job, and learn more about that. Whit the Q. R. B. knowledge can be most trustable for any company where are working because we can have the tools to making good decisions such as price, sales, marketing; know how interpreting data like graphics, equations between other thing that a manager need to know.

In conclusion the Quantitative Reasoning for Business course give to the student of the University of Phoenix M. B. A. the necessary tools to support your development of analytical skills as a manager need apply to make business decisions (Quantitative Reasonings for Business, 2009). In personal case this course can help me to refresh these skills that not used by several time and even give me the chance to get a better job where can apply my expertise and knowledge in the MBA.


University of Phoenix n.d. (2009). Quantitative Reasonings for Business. Retived May 11, 2009 from...
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