Quantitative Methods of Decision Makers

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The hospital manager is studying and evaluating some options of Blood bank services to be more efficient as he has three options; each one is different in terms of cost, benefits and efficiency, and he is trying to evaluate which one will most suitable for making this service more efficient our role is to develop a multi criteria model for his problem and options he has, to help him taking the right decision Utilizing the multi attribute value analysis supported by V.I.S.A software.

Problem structuring:
The checklist cause criteria, alternatives, uncertainties, stakeholders and environmental factors or constraints will help to ensure that all the important facets of the problem have been considered. Expanding briefly on these aspects in relation,

Stakeholders: is the hospital manger however there are some other stakeholder including as the senior medical staff and other department managers Alternatives: there are three alternatives:
1. Keep the Blood Bank as it is without changing. And we will call it Option A 2. Expand the Blood Bank to content more blood supply. And we will call it Option B 3. Implementing an IT inventory system with automatic supply order. And we will call it Option C The criteria: different between the available options.

The external factor is often considered as a source of uncertainty, as traffic or weather problems is a factor to be taken into consideration

Building Value Tree
For this we will use the VISA to justify our suggestion with considering on Managerial point view, Analyst, Facilitator, Finance, and Customer service. In this VISA we will consider three main aspects and there are sub criteria: * Cost:

* Logistics / Transportation Cost
* Capital Cost
* Maintenance
* Operation Cost
* Funding
* Management
* Stock control
* Over Stock
* Stock Deficiency
* Delivery Frequency
* Predication of requirement /...
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