Quantitative Methods for Business

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Eynesbury: Quantitative Methods for Business 2011(3)
Assignment 2: Due Monday 16th January 2012 at 5:00pm

The assignments are to be submitted via the submission link on the Portal. Any submission handed to your teacher in paper form will not be accepted without prior written approval. E-mail versions of the assignment will not be accepted.

Assignments submitted late, without an extension being granted, will attract a penalty of 10% per each working day or part thereof beyond the due date and time. Please refer to the Course Information Booklet for the course policy regarding extensions.

Please make sure that the pages of your submission are in the correct order. Please make sure that each page shows your name and the page number.

Your assignment submission must be prepared using Microsoft Word. Poor presentation, including poor layout of formulae and/or explanations of the process, will attract a penalty of 10%. Use of Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0 is encouraged.

For this assignment you must show all your work, including formulae used, explanation of variables, together with a discussion on the process employed. All steps of the process must be shown. Any items omitted will result in loss of marks.

Please remember to complete and attach a cover sheet with a plagiarism declaration. Plagiarism is the use of another person’s ideas (and words) without saying where you got the information. “the taking and using as one’s own the thoughts, writings or inventions of another” The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on historical principles, Onions CT, third edition. The lack of in text references together with a reference list will, as a minimum, result in zero marks for the section in question. The maximum penalty will be zero marks for the paper. The copying (even partially) of another person’s work will result in both the person who supplied the work to be copied and the person doing the copying receiving zero marks.

Please be advised that assignments may be processed through TurnItIn to check for plagiarism. Your submission of the assignment indicates your acceptance to having your paper checked in this way.

The memorandum must be comprised of the following sections:
1. Body of Memo (Analysis): In this section of your assignment you discuss the findings of your calculations contained in the appendices. Only telling the reader what the numbers/calculations are is insufficient, you must interpret the findings. Present only the information requested. Do not show your working out in this section, just the results of your working out as part of your explanation. You can present your analysis in any combination of written paragraphs and/or using bullet points, tables, figures, etc. Ensure your analysis is well justified to demonstrate your understanding. All figures and tables in this section must have an accompanying caption and must be referred to in the text where you are explaining what the results mean.

It is important in this section to interpret the results of your calculations. Do NOT just repeat what the results are. Tell the reader what they mean. Interpretation is extremely important and is the area you will earn the most marks.

2. Appendix: organise all output in question order. Place all output/calculations here.

Assignment submission structure:
The first page(s) of your submission must be the memorandum (memo) discussing the issues in the same sequence they are presented in the assignment requirements. The appendices must be in the same sequence as the memo (and assignment appendix questions). Any information contained in the memo that is taken from the calculations must be cross referenced to the appendix in which the calculation will be found.

Formatting the Memorandum (memo)
The Business memo should consist of no more than 1,000 words plus appropriate calculations, charts, Excel output, etc. Important information: 1. We will not count the...
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