Quantatative Article Review

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Quantatative Article Review

By | Feb. 2011
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Quantitative Article Review: Looping Classrooms Vs. Parental Satisfaction Summary
The purpose of this study was to study the effect a looping classroom has on the parents’ perceptions of the educational environment. The term 'looping” is used to describe an educational strategy where a teacher graduates to the next grade level with the same group of students the teacher had the previous year. In a high school environment looping might occur by a student having the same team of teachers for four years. For example the same teacher that teaches the student algebra I as a freshman would teach that same student geometry the next year, and so on. The background research literature used in this article indicated that stability, persistence, and intimacy are the fundamental characteristics of looping groups (Nichols & Nichols, 2001). Four hundred and fifty five parents of looping children and non-looping children completed participated in the survey. The sample population was broken down into a group of 200 parents of looping students and 255 parents of non-looping students that volunteered to take the self guided questionnaire. This research project was a group comparison research project. The researchers set out to see if the educational tool of looping had an effect on the parents’ attitude toward the school and teachers. The study looked at two groups of parents looping and non-looping parents and the difference between the attitudes of both groups. Traditionally a group comparison research project should follow a certain template: there should be an introduction that explains why the study is important, the specific purpose of the study, the variables that were investigated and the findings of the author’s literature review. The project should go one to explain the research design, the sampling procedures, the measures used, data analysis, and discussion (Gall, Gall, & Borg, 2010). I believe this research project followed those steps. It is not an...

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