Quality Relationship and Cyberspace

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Community, Virtual community Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: March 4, 2011
Establishing Quality Relationships on the Cyberspace Socializing and interacting with people are some of the basic human needs. In today’s context, such activities have gone up to the next level. Traditionally, people network or socialize with one another in person but now, all we need is a computer to do so and we can even reach out to many more people all over the world. Online communities are becoming the main channels for networking in many peoples’ lives today. Some may feel less comfortable in online communities due to the lack of personal interaction. Despite the lack of ‘face to face’ interactions, online communities are still the best avenues for one to establish quality relationships with people of common interests. Definitions for quality relationships differ and much of it depend on the type of relationship we are referring to. For the purpose of discussion, this essay will be limited to friendships and professional relationships. Having a quality friendship generally means having comradeship with others and solace in times of need. While professional relationships can be defined as the relationship among people from a particular field or industry. A quality professional relationship will refer to one where there are constructive exchanges of relevant knowledge which benefit one another. Online communities create group identities by gathering people with similar interests in a common virtual space and that allow them to interact with one another. Thus, finding people of common interests online can be said to be rather effortless as compared to offline. Getting acquainted with people of similar interests is the very first step to form a good quality relationship with others. Such acquaintances can be further developed into long-term quality friendships and more importantly, these online friendships are not limited by national boundaries. This applies to professionals as well as they seek to interact with other professionals for their career development...
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