Quality of Work Life

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Research Proposal
Quality of work life among women employees in Indian IT sector

Submitted by, Bibin J Poovathany Rachita Moon Apeksha Jain

The purpose of the research is to study the quality of work life for the women employees in Indian IT sector. It aims to gain an insight into current working life policies and practices. Several notable factors that influence quality of work life are: Adequate and Fair Compensation; Safe and Healthy Working Conditions; Opportunity to Use and Develop Human Capabilities; Opportunity for Career Growth etc. QWL provides for the balanced relationship among work, non- work and family aspects of life. In other words, family life and social life should not be strained by working hours including overtime work, work during inconvenient hours, business travel, transfers, vacations etc. The report will be formulated after a thorough research and will be based on the information given by the company personal and through questionnaire filled by the employees. In due course of our project we will visit the companies and interact with the people concerned and will have a focus group discussion with them. Literature Review

The term Quality of Work Life (QWL) was initially introduced in the late 1960’s as a way of focusing on the effects of employment on worker health and general well being, and a way to enhance the quality of a person’s on-the-job experience. Numerous works on work life thereafter proves that what happened in the workplace have significant impact on individuals and their families. (Greenhaus & Beutell,1985; Kossek & Ozeki, 1998; Lewis & Cooper, 1987). The combination of a fluctuating work environment with competing job and family commitments has negatively affected employees in the form of lowered morale and motivation, reduced productivity, and increased burnout and turnover (Galinsky & Stein, 1990, Benedict & Taylor, 1995). Moreover the inability of employee to balance the equally challenging demands of their work and personal life has contributed to the escalating stress and conflict of today’s workforce (Edwards & Rothbard, 2000). This in turn leads to significant rise in stress related health problem, which translates to financial cost both to the employer as well as the government (Johnson, Duxbury & Higgins, 1997, Frone, Russell, & Cooper, 1997) The monitoring of employees views about the quality of their work and the quality of their work life helps an employer get an idea of where improvements in an organization can be made. Families and Work Institute's 1997 National Study of the Changing Workforce states "Supportive workplaces help employees be more effective workers, people, and parents. Employers that can provide these better quality jobs and supportive workplaces have a clear competitive edge."

Research Objective
The main objective of the research is to determine the Quality of Work Life among women in the Indian IT Sector. Also, the data collected will be used to test the following hypotheses: H1: “Organization” has a significant impact on the quality of work life among women in IT Sector H2: “Marital Status” has a significant impact on the quality of work life among women in IT Sector H3: “Geographical Region” has a significant impact on the quality of work life among women in IT Sector

A representative sample of 60 women employees from three different IT Organizations in the age group of 25 to 35 years will be taken. A questionnaire from a validated source will be administered to this sample. Data Analysis will be done using techniques like...
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