Quality of Residential Light Poles

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  • Published : August 3, 2008
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While many may not realize the need is as strong as it is, the demand for high quality light poles is as high as ever. This is apparent with any search for a residential light pole. A walk through your local hardware store will reveal a selection of hundreds of different designs from numerous manufactures. On a larger scale a search on the internet can be done to bring up thousands of different choices for a buyer considering making a purchase. For garden and pool areas shorter lights closer to the ground with less bulbs are available. For front yards and walkways there are taller poles with numerous lights around the top of the pole that are better suited for lighting larger areas. Searching the patent office for “light pole” brings up 28 different patents for all different aspects of light poles. These patents range from different mounts and bases all the way to different ways of reflecting the light. Even locally the trend for classic lighting by poles has become popular. To add a sense of illumination to both front and back yards many residents in the area have been adding light poles. Even closer to the Texas Tech University campus in the Overton area the influence of light poles can be seen. In fact, design guidelines for this area call for a light pole every 75 feet along walkways and 200 feet along roadways by the completion of construction. The importance of light poles spreads overseas as well, as the Weixing Lighting Co. Ltd. Exports products to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. With so many different products available it is hard to deny the need for an effective and functional light pole. When designing a light pole to be added to the market there are some issues more important then others. Our specific light has three lamps at the top of the pole, each at 120 deg off center. Each one of these lamps is 20 cm wide and 28 cm tall. With such a large side area created by the light covers the effective moment...
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