Quality of Marital Life and Divorce

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Family Pages: 7 (2060 words) Published: April 12, 2013
A Term Paper consisting of a Literature Review of the topic “Quality of Marital Life and Divorce” This paper is worth 10% of our total aggregate for Principles of Sociology A Term Paper consisting of a Literature Review of the topic “Quality of Marital Life and Divorce” This paper is worth 10% of our total aggregate for Principles of Sociology Manahil Aleem

Manahil Aleem
Quality of Marital Life and Divorce

Quality of Marital Life and Divorce

Elements of Quality of Marital Life2
Personal problems3
Sociological Perspectives4
Functionalist thought4
Symbolic Interactionism4

Divorce as we all know is the final termination of a marital union, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the parties. There are many reasons for seeking a divorce, the key being a disrupted marital life. In this review I have reviewed various journals, dissertations, books and articles and have compiled what the general idea is behind the quality of life. The review focuses on various reasons cited by authors as to what determinants alter the quality of marital life and their impact on divorce. From what I have observed is that there is a lot of formulation modeling involved. Many authors have used numerical models in their theses to explain certain causes of divorce. I even left many theses because they focused on reasons that were not very commonly known. There are scores of determinants of quality of marital life but I felt that I should review those authors who have articulated commonly known reasons so that the scope of the topic is not too broadened. I felt that this topic is close to my personal life as my own parents are divorced and I feel I can evaluate this topic thoroughly. Although I found a lot of material on the topic I still felt the need for having more articles like the one by Amato and Previti. This thesis was by far the most detailed and relevant to my topic. Elements of Quality of Marital Life

Most of us believe that when there is more money involved in a marriage there is a little chance of a marriage being a failure as at least material things do not pose a problem. In an economic term we can say that a husband’s high income is associated with a higher utility from the current marriage. The Logit Model by Fan and Lui (2001) which mathematically derives the probability of divorce from the level of the husband’s income points to a split conclusion. 1. In countries where there are tight laws regarding alimony (share of husband’s assets received by the wife in case of divorce) there is an equal chance of the marriage being a success because material satisfaction is high and the marriage failing as the wife might end the marriage for the sake of a high alimony 2. In other countries (particularly Pakistan) where no such laws exist there is a high probability that the higher the husband’s income the lower the divorce probability Wife

Now using the same model it can be stated that the higher a woman’s income the lower the satisfaction in the marriage. The husband will constantly feel insecure with his wife’s success especially in case her income is higher. In countries like ours many women are manipulated for their income. Now there will be 2 likely outcomes with women’s wage rates increasing: 1. Either there will be lower satisfaction in marriage leading to divorce 2. Lesser women will tend to get married as they will be self-dependent. In this case the divorce is less likely to take place as there is no marriage to end

Children increase happiness of parents and the marital satisfaction as they are the product of their parents’ love (Thornton, 1977). By using gender and quantity of children Nguyen and Tran (2009) estimated that: (i) an additional...
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