Quality of Life

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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A form of self-inflicted death in which a person voluntarily brings about with the help of another also known as assisted suicide, using Euthanasia which originated from the Greek word for "good death." It is the act or practice of ending the life of a person either by lethal injection or the suspension of medical treatment.  There is always going to be that question whether or not people should have that choice to have control over their own lives. Assisted suicide is an emotional and controversial subject that I feel should be brought into the open. States are making an effort to legalize assisted suicide but many people are trying to put a stop to it. Although many think that assisted suicide is immoral, I feel that it is practical and we should be able to make that decision ourselves. A trend where assisted suicide is a notion that is becoming more common, as modern medical technology advances people are given the opportunity to live longer than they wish. This results in unnecessary pain because they have no choice but to wait until natural death.  Governments in liberal democracies which haven’t (such as Germany and Canada) should legalize assisted suicide in the form of active euthanasia. Patients who are diagnosed to have a terminally ill disease and suffer from unbearable pain may choose to do so being that the patient is informed of all the consequences of euthanasia. Also the patient needs a diagnosis from an independent doctor to see whether the patient is able to make a rational decision and is not mental. 4. The patient must show his/her will to die on his/her own to show that the choice is not forced. 5. The patient must be over the legal age. 6. The patient will die by lethal injection. How is it any different when you are terminally ill and you choose to end your life by refusing medical treatment or for people that are in a coma and a family member makes the call to pull the plug, but if you were terminally ill and in the final stages of your...
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