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Quality of Leadership

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The Qualities of a Good Leader

The purpose of this essay is to examine the qualities of a good leader. In order to examine the qualities of a good leader, we must first begin to explore what leadership is and how an individual becomes a leader. What is leadership? Leadership is the process of inspiring others to achieve a specific goal or task. Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration, motivated by a vision, generated by a passion, and created by a purpose. Leadership is getting things accomplish through others. Now that we understand what leadership is, we must explore how an individual becomes a leader. Every human being is a potential leader, but leaders are not born they are made. An individual becomes a leader when they discover their gift and begins to refine, develop, and expand the gift. When a person has found their area of gifting they have found the key to their influence. As a person specializes and invests in their gifting, their influence becomes more valuable and attracts followers. Therefore, as individuals lead followers they develop qualities that will sustain their leadership. Thus, the qualities of a good leader is what will examine in this article

One of the first leadership qualities that we will examine a person in leadership must posses is vision. The leader must understand and know the destination or end result of what must accomplish. This accomplishment is what is in the leader heart and soul. The leader must make the vision clearly understood. The leader must also make the vision concise enough to be repeated and also compelling.

.The second quality a good leader must posses is integrity. Integrity is the integration of outward actions and inner values. A person of integrity is the same on the outside and on the inside. Such an individual can be trusted because he or she never veers from inner values, even when it might be expeditious to do so. A leader must have the trust of followers...

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