Quality of Documents with Fast Track Projects

Topics: Management, Project management, Problem solving Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: May 11, 2013
One of the most important problems we are facing in our organization is the quality of our documents especially with the fast track projects

1. Identify the issues. This first step is critical. It is essential for each group member to clearly understand the problem so that all energy will be focused in the same direction. A good way to define the problem is to write down a concise statement which summarizes the problem, and then write down where we want to be after the problem has been resolved. The objective is to get as much information about the problem as possible The problem is the bad quality of our documents at fast track projects as a consequence of the leakage of recourses and shortage of time as well. 2. Understand everyone's interests. Sometimes information needs to be gathered via various devices to define the problem. These devices may include: Interviews, statistics, questionnaires, technical experiments, check sheets, brainstorming and focus groups. After collect the information in our case we found that the documents were issued throughout our entire department such as architectural, structural, electromechanical, and infrastructure departments. Each department have own process in order to issuing the document, we have to make an investigation to understand what the problem in each department is? Also we have to listen to the staff inside the department itself; I mean juniors, seniors and team leaders 

Structural and electromechanical have the same problem which is they have shortage in team leaders that’s wherefore each team leader was assigned at more than three project and he can’t follow his junior and senior. Architectural department has different problem which is the coordination between all departments in addition to its own work The problem at the project management department is a serious problem as most of project management team has neither technicality nor managerial skills.

 

3. List the possible solutions (options) In...
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