Quality Nursing Care in Hospital Setting

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Quality Nursing Care


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1. Introduction 1 2. Definition / Explanation of quality care 1 3. The Elements of quality care 1 4. Quality assurance and risk management 1-2 5. The value of quality improvement cycle 2 6. The type of audit that should be performed to identify gaps in 3 quality care nursing care

7. Conclusion 3


In this essay the quality of care in a hospital setting, will view of the most critical contributions of nursing to patient safety in a hospital setting. There are many concerns about the quality of care rendered by nursing staff and their treatment of patients. Definition

Quality of care is effective and efficient services that are rendered to patients in the health care field. Quality can be in the form of patient safety, patient satisfaction and patient assurance. Quality of care includes training of health care personnel, improving delivery system processes, and attention to systemic level factors such as technology and medical records. Patient safety in health care is making sure that products are clean, safe to use and staff are using them correctly. Elements of Quality Care

The elements of quality care consist of the following areas; accessibility, appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency, and equity. Accessibility, family and the patient should be provided the necessary information that involved his or her treatment. In the behavioral model we have learned that people's use of healthcare is a function of their predisposition to use services, the factors enabling or impeding use, and...
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