Quality Manual for Ice Cream

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I. Introduction
A quality manual should outline the structure of the food safety and quality management system for a food production or processing organization. It will also provide a central point to identify all the associated procedures, policies and forms. The manual should be made available to all relevant staff either electronically as a read-only file or in paper form integrate fully with the HACCP food safety plan and associated documentation define how the organizational structure and associated personal responsibilities have been developed to ensure food safety and compliance with defined product quality and process criteria have an issue date issue number and be formally authorized i.e. signed off describe how the manual will be updated if there is a need to change a statement in the manual and who is authorized to undertake the amendment and also authorize the changes before re-issue reference the scope of the food safety and quality management system i.e. how much of the business is addressed by the manual. And reference any quality or food safety management system standards that the manual has been designed to comply with e.g. BRC Global Standard, ISO 9000, ISO 22000 and any sections of the system standard that are not applicable and why the organization feels that they are not applicable. Training programs must be in place and be effective to ensure that all staff understand their part in food safety and quality management and the parts of the manual that are applicable to their work responsibilities.

II. Objectives
* To maintain an effective Quality Assurance System complying with International Standard ISO9001 (Quality Systems) . * To achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the sweet potato ice cream reputation with customers. * To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements.

III. Quality Management System

The Quality Assurance System applies to all activities of the Company, and has been developed in accordance with ISO9001. The Quality Assurance System is fully documented and structured in 3 levels: Level 1: Quality Manual

This document details the corporate quality policy and structure of the Company and references appropriate Operating Procedures. Level 2: Operating Procedures
These documents describe the actual process, and controls applied, to all activities concerned with the attainment of a quality assured contracting service. A list of Operating Procedures is given in the Index Section of this Quality Assurance Manual. Level 3: Quality Planning

As the Company operates a standard type and range of services, customer satisfaction and quality are achieved by operation in accordance with the documented quality system. Specific customer requirements are identified and documented during the contract review process, allowing these requirements to be communicated and achieved, ensuring satisfaction of all customer declared needs. IV. Experimental Procedures

A. * Mixing bowl
* Electric mixer
* Rubber spatula
* Saucepan
* Measuring cup
* Measuring spoon
* Strainer

* Whisk
* Stainless stock pot
* Plastic container
* Top loading balance
* Wooden spoon
* Plastic cups
* Thermometer
Materials and Equipment Used

B. Ingredients

Item| Measurement used| Equivalent weight in gram| Brand| Sweet potato(kinerots)| | 100 grams| |
All purpose cream(heavy cream)| 2 cups| 400 grams| Nestle all purpose cream| Evaporated milk(whole milk)| 1 cup| 205 grams| Alaska evaporated milk| Brown sugar| ¾ cup| 107 grams| Camia sugar|

Large egg(yolks)| 5pcs.| 100 grams| Paquete’s egg|
Salt| | 3 grams| Lasap iodized salt|
Vanilla| 2 tsp.| 10 grams| Macormick|

C. Procedures
1. In a medium saucepan, mix1 cup of the cream with the milk, sugar, and a salt. 2. Warm the cream mixture over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally,...
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