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Quality management, known also as quality control, is a system utilized by all types of businesses all around the world. This type of management system has the ability to assist any type of organization provide consumers with the best product and/or service possible by managing its activities, this points to an increase in its usefulness and productivity. Through the many types of systems used for quality management, a business can monitor and measure the quality of its products and/or services being offered to consumers. An effective quality management system helps a business to increase its competitive edge, increase its organizational development, highlight its customer satisfaction, and more. Total quality management tools embody specific items an organization can use to evaluate the success of the process. Some mutual total quality management tools include Pareto charts, scatter plots, flowcharts, and tree diagrams. Each one allows for a specific review of a company’s operations. Companies can use these tools together or individually, depending on the scope of a company’s total quality management. Managers have a variety of tools and techniques known as the Seven Management and Planning Tools, my paper will highlight the Tree diagram.

The seven new management planning tools are a set of tools that arose out of Japanese innovation in the post-World War Two period. They were popularized through the publication of the book "Seven New Quality Tools for Managers and Staff" which became available in English in 1983. These tools were popularized in the United States by the consulting firm GOAL/QPC, and have been used by a number of firms since 1984 to improve their quality planning and improvements efforts. Many organizations formally combined these tools into policy deployment activities. Although these tools are no longer truly new tools they are, nonetheless, commonly used by businesses and are still valuable to today's managers, therefore...
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