Quality Management System Application

Topics: Management, Quality management, Process management Pages: 24 (7352 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Building Quality Management
QMS - ISO 9001:2008
PT. Filamendo Sakti

Polymerization and Spinning Process of Nylon 6 Tire Cord Yarn

prepared by :
S. Anbanathan, SSi, CQM, LA

This working paper is prepared to satisfy one of the requirements for fulfilling the study of Operation Management, focus in Quality Management System of ISO – 9001 : 2008

Magister Management Faculty of Economics and Business
University of Gadjah Mada
Table of Content

Chapter| Title and Sub-Title| Page|
1| Introduction| 2|
| Background| 2|
| Reason in Choosing The Topic| 3|
| Definition | 4|
| Short Description of PT. Filamendo Sakti| 4|
2| Theoretical Approaches of Quality| 6|
| Juran’s Quality Trilogy| 6|
| The Principle of QMS| 8|
| The PDCA concept of QMS | 9|
| The 5 Functional Clauses of ISO 9001:2008| 9|
| The Model of QMS Continual Improvement| 12|
3| Implementation of ISO 9001:2008| 14|
| Collateral Process Mapping | 15|
| Quality Plan Design | 16|
| Responsibility Centers| 18|
| Documentation Structure| 19|
| Quantitative Measure and Approach| 20|
4| Conclusion and Recommendation| 22|
5| Appendix A : PTFS Collateral Process Mapping| 25|
| Appendix B : PTFS Data Recapitulation and Comparison| 24| 6| References| 27|

Chapter 1


Building an organization that can achieve and maintain quality is a demanding as well as an important task in today’s global and growing market. There is a shift from quality perspective starting from inspection to total quality management which bring along an enormous approaches to evaluate the real value of quality. Quality is not limited to the producer’s level of consciousness but it is also depending upon the view and expectation of the customers. The same perspective is also influencing most company to promote their business as well as to cope any business opportunity in the nearly full competition market. Those who can sustain and even grow are mostly conducting various efforts through the effective propensity of continuous improvement either by utilizing the internal growth or adopting process standardization or sometimes conducting both. Internal growth is dealing with the development of distinctive competence to produce competitive advantages, whereas process standardization is an activity to follow certain quality management guidance which is accepted worldwide. One of the most famous known Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001:2008 QMS provide a better approach to gain quality intelligence through augmented grow of opportunities in various ways to improve quality with its PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle, starting from customer requirements, internal resources, business environment, performance (both the financial and non financial), vendors until the opportunities to expand market share and participation in market growth. This has become the main reason why most manufacturing and service company have adopted this QMS which can spur their business in accordance to the rapid pace of economic growth. In the latest revision of QMS, the ISO 9001:2008 has been launched to cope most of the operations which concentrate more to the process rather than documentation. Some elaborate activities scope has also been infused to this new version such as organizational environment, changes in the environment, the risk associated with that environment, process approach, and relationship with the previous ISO 9004 and compatibility with other management system.

Other important measures that ISO 9001:2008 is offering to boost the operation performance, brand equity and customer equity, such as : * The need to consider processes in terms of added value * Continual improvement of process based on objective...
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