Quality Management System

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Quality Management System

By | September 2010
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GOOD REASONS FOR IMPLEMENTING a Quality Management System in National Mapping Agencies CERCO Working Group on Quality


This paper, produced by the Cerco "Working group on Quality", provides relevant information on questions about implementing a Quality Management System (QMS). Starting point for this document are the answers received by 23 members of the CERCO Working Group on a questionnaire entitled "Good reasons for implementing a Quality Management System in European National Mapping Agencies". This questionnaire has been sent to all Cerco members in December 1998. The original answers are added as an Annex C, a comparative table between benefits and risks when implementing a quality management system is added as Annex B. Later on, these answers have been discussed in the Working Group and the global result of answers and discussion are in this paper. Further, this document gives general information on the QMS concept and its applicability in a mapping environment. Main benefits and advantages are compared, with the focus on the issues "Management", "Workers", "Quality", "Users/Customers" and "Promotion". On the other hand, risks and disadvantages in implementing a QMS are mentioned, with special attention for "Increase in production costs", "Missatisfaction" and "More rules without results". Consequently, a potential scenario for the implementation of a QMS inside European National Mapping Agencies (ENMAs) is described. Finally, some conclusions are gathered, which are pointing towards a positive advise for an NMA about its question "Must/can I implement a QMS", with "ISO 9000" as a possible best reference. But there is also a need for exchanging experiences between ENMAs in this field.

0.- Scope
The purpose of this document is to give to the National Mapping Agencies the relevant information to take an appropriate decision on what kind of QMS is required, why and when a QMS is required...

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