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This Change Management Policy and Procedure contains guidance to managers and staff who are involved in the development and implementation of changes in working arrangements and practices and managing redundancy, including the ending of fixed term employment contracts. The information in the document is set out as follows: Introduction

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Purpose of procedure and overview
Section A: Managing minor change
Section B: Managing change due to organisational restructure Stage 1 Management Planning – Pre Consultation
Stage 2 Staff consultation
Stage 3 Decision to proceed
Redeployment; Suitable and Alternative Employment;
Training; Trial period and Severance
Stage 4 Notice of redundancy
Stage 5 Right of appeal
Section C: Managing the ending of fixed term employment contracts

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Appendix 1 - Redundancy payments
Appendix 2 - Salary and benefits protection scheme
Appendix 3 - Frequently Asked Questions

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The guidance and change principles set out in this policy document apply to all groups of staff with the exception of those academic staff whose terms are governed by College Statutes and for whom a separate procedure is prescribed1.

It is College policy to ensure, as far as possible, security of employment for its staff during periods of change. It is recognised that there may be changes in organisational requirements that may affect staffing needs. These changes may require alterations to job requirements and possibly a reduction of posts. It is the College’s intention, in consultation with the Trades Unions, and so far as is reasonably practicable, to achieve these changes without the need for compulsory redundancies.

This policy and procedure reflects this commitment and provides a framework for managing change effectively, fairly and consistently, through planning, consultation, and communication and in accordance with established good practice and employment legislation and with full regard to the College’s Equal Opportunities Policy. 1

Appendix to the College Charter and Statutes 2007 governing academic staff – available for reference on the College intranet.

Revised July 09


Impact Assessment
The College recognises its responsibility to ensure that no-one is discriminated against or disadvantaged either through membership of any particular group or on the grounds of age, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Please refer to the College’s Equality website for additional information:

This policy has been assessed as being a key component in ensuring the College fulfils its duties under anti-discrimination legislation and the College has reviewed its impact on equality and diversity and will continue to regularly monitor the use of this policy and will take action where necessary.

Purpose of procedure and overview
College managers must continually review staffing requirements in the light of current or future changes in service needs as a means of ensuring that the staffing structures and skill sets are appropriate, and as a basis for maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

A review of service requirements may result in the need to change existing structures and functions and, in certain circumstances, may impact on the number and type of staff required in particular areas of work. Line managers should review their area of responsibility regularly to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the College as effectively as possible:

Where there are relatively minor changes to working practices then line managers may implement adjustments to duties in accordance with the best practice guidance set out in Section A.

Where there is an organisational restructure that may result in significant job change and/or redundancies then the process in...
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