Quality Management Organizations

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  • Published : October 19, 2012
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Quality Management Organizations
Tammy E. Bushman
October 17, 2012
James Pekny

Quality Management Organizations
Two quality management organizations that undoubtedly embellish the operation of a quality program both nationally and locally is the health care industry. As the health care industry distorts the nation's economical resources it is critical to present significant quality controls and quality improvements both nationally and locally. Because of quality management in healthcare currently consumers of healthcare are better educated and more enlightened than ever before. If quality program is not practiced it can be the cause that determines whether an organization will fail or be successful. The healthcare industry is recognized for positively enhancing quality management on the national and local levels. This paper will identify quality management from the Department of Health and Human Services at the national level to the Tucson Medical Center at the local level. The Department of Health Service’s potential to please consumer demands for serviceability and information greatly impacts the quality of health care it ultimately conveys (Wadhwa, 2002).

The National Quality Strategy developed by the Department of Health Services endorses quality health care that meets the needs of consumers, their families, and communities. The National Quality Strategy was developed with consultation and recommendations of stakeholders across the health care system, interjecting Federal and State organizations, local communities, provider agencies, clinicians, consumers, corporations, and proprietors. The National Quality Strategy that has been developed by the Department of Health Services at the national level adheres to three apparent objectives. These objectives are used to direct and evaluate local, state, and national endeavors in improving quality of health care. The first objective is to improve better care by the overall quality of becoming...
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