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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Quality management is fundamentally concerned with delivering an advantage to theorganization by focusing directly on customer needs and driving costs down (reducingwaste) and increasing value (increasing profits).Students will benchmark, process map the process for customers of both KFC and Oportofrom the point the customer enters the shop/serving area to the point they leave theshop/serving area. By benchmarking and mapping the process students will be able todetermine where the opportunity for improvement is (i.e. cost and time savings, efficiencyimprovement etc.). Students will then re-map the process for both companies and sitesbased on their own ideas for improvement.The process maps must include all functions of the shop/serving area (from theperspective of the customer) from the point where the transaction commences to the pointwhere the transaction is completed and closed out. The process maps must clearly showthe points for improvement and these points must be fully discussed in the supportingreport.Students will then write a proposal [report] (maximum 2000 words) that discusses theoriginal map and their improved map and the expected improvements or benefits to bothorganisations that will result if they were to adopt the new procedure. Students will includeboth maps as appendices within the proposal.To successfully complete this project, students are expected to conduct several site visitsto a suitable KFC and Oporto (perhaps in a food court or local mall) where they will be ableto observe the operation and map it accordingly.Both assignments when submitted must include the following:1) SBS Coversheet2) Marking Criteria (For the correct Assignment)3) Assignment4) Full Turnitin Report (Fully Matching Assignment which includes quotes andreferencing)Students must also undertake desk research focusing on relevant quality improvementtools and techniques and they must reference these within the report and discuss howthey might be applied in the study.The...
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