Quality Management

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  • Published : March 24, 2009
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What is Quality?
Quality is what gives complete customer satisfaction (to every customer: industrial buyer, local authority, government department, student or overseas shipping magnate).

Some customers' needs are sophisticated, others much less so, but all will judge the quality of what they buy and how well their needs and expectations are satisfied. There is no such thing as absolute quality

It is many things to many different people

It matters as much in service as in goods
We all recognize it when we experience it but how do we put it into words? Quality is a sum of:
Knowing the customer's needs;
-Designing to meet them;
-Faultless construction;
-Reliable bought-in components and sub-assemblies;
-Certified performance and safety;
-Clear instruction manuals;
-Suitable packaging;
-Punctual delivery;
-Efficient back-up service;
-Feed-back of field experience.
Quality is:
difficult to define;
it's an abstract term;
it requires continuous and dynamic adaptation of products and services to fulfill or exceed the requirements or expectations of all parties in the organization and the community as a whole. Definitions of Quality

"Quality is fitness for use"
(Joseph Juran & Frank Gryna );

“Quality means conformance to requirements” (Philip Crosby); Quality is a function of loss. The better the quality, the lesser is the loss it causes to society (Taguchi); 
"Quality denotes an excellence in goods and services, especially to the degree they conform to requirements and satisfy customers“ (American Society for Quality (ASQ); "Quality is a customer determination based upon a customer's actual experience with a product or service, measured against his or her requirements -stated or unstated, conscious or merely sensed, technically operational or entirely subjective -and always representing a moving target in a competitive market“ (Armand Feigenbaum); Achieving excellence in a product/service by...
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