Quality Management

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Quality Assurance in Manufacturing Industries:
Quality assurance is a process centered approach to ensuring that a company or organization is providing the best possible product/services. It is related to quality control, which focuses on enhancing and improving the process that is used to create the end result rather than focusing on result itself. Among the parts of process that are considered in Quality Assurance are: ▪ Planning

▪ Design
▪ Development
▪ Production and services
In manufacturing industries the primary production processes are either continuous, or occur on a batch of materials that is indistinguishable. Once an output is produced by the process, it cannot be distilled back to its basic components. The Industries is a forum for the exchange of ideas in theory and practice of industrial engineering techniques applied to process industries; facilitating greater interactions among industry and academic professionals by organizing.

The objective is analyze the quality in manufacturing Industries and to see how quality can be controlled and what kind of policies are followed by industries to measure the quality. 2. SCOPE OF THE PROJECT

The scope of the project includes:
• To study the quality process followed in manufacturing industries. • To study the various activities that takes place in the organization to ensure about the quality. • To study the various tools and policies of the Quality process.


1. Definition of Quality:
Quality has been defined as the “Conformance to requirements or fitness for use”; which means that the product or services must meet the intended objectives. Joseph M. Duran, Quality Control Handbook (1951) of the project and have a value to the donor and beneficiaries and that the beneficiaries can use the material or service as it was originally intended. The central focus of quality management is meeting or exceeding stakeholder’s expectations and conforming to the project design and specifications. The ultimate judge for quality is the beneficiary, and represents how close the project outputs  and deliverables come to meeting the beneficiaries’ requirements and expectations. How a beneficiary defines quality may be completely subjective, but there are many ways to make quality objective; by defining the individual characteristics and determine one or more metrics that can be collected to mirror the characteristic. For instance, one of the features of a quality product may be that it has a minimum amount of errors. This characteristic can be measured by counting errors and defects after the product is used. Quality management is not an event - it is a process, a consistently high quality product or service cannot be produced by a defective process. The word “Quality” is often used, but not often defined. You will find a variety of usages in any dictionary but, for our purposes, a “degree of excellence” is the closest. Quality can be good or bad, or somewhere in between. Where a product or service is being provided, the end result is largely based on workmanship. A craftsperson takes great pride in producing something with flawless features. The accuracy of an effort, whether it is for data collection or training material presentation, results in a perceived level of quality for the effort – good or bad. There is little value in poor quality. So in short Quality is: QUALITY:-

1. Quality means fitness for use.
2. Quality means productivity, competitive cost, and timely delivery, total customer satisfaction. 3. Quality means conformance to specification and standard.
4. Conformance to requirements.
5. Quality is what the customer says
6. Quality means getting everyone to do what they have agreed to do and to do it right the first time and every time. 2.2 Quality Assurance
Definition of Quality Assurance
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