Quality Improvement Report

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Quality Improvement Report
Scharlee Lawrence
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April 22, 2013
Pam Crocker, RN, BSN, MBA/TM, NE-BC

Quality Improvement Report
Quality Improvement is the basis of quality care of health care. Fundamental framework of QI shows how to improve quality care of an organization. Originality of health care formed the quality of care in an organization with suggestions and researches for improvement in different areas of the spectrum. Stakeholders have different views of how the quality of care should be used within an organization and how to make improvements. Physicians and patients are involved with the improvement of quality of health care. Management of quality of health care is vital with improvements in health care industry. Basic areas that should be monitored are impact, improvability, and practice variability under the PHQF of identifying priority areas. Organizations that are mostly involved with QI and are accredited and regulatory are PPOs and HMOs (Preferred Provider Organizations and Health Maintenance Organizations). The roles are for improvement with quality of health care among individuals. Resources and organizations that affect QI are CMS and HRSA (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services and Human Resource and Service Administration). Foundational Framework of QI

Within the organization the framework of QI is “quality system” which is a cycle of process that implements four key elements- Planning, Implementing, Reviewing, and Improving (PIRI) (Quality Improvement, 2013). Strategic Plan would be the first implementation used to help organize an organizations formal plan. Second tier compromises the major process of Strategic Plan in more detail. Third tier that compromises the operational plans of an organization these are developed among facilities and the portfolio areas that are related with Strategic and the second tier plan. Fourth is individual staff plans, these are supervisors who play an important role with the framework of QI (Quality Improvement, 2013). Following these cycles are plans for development of new programs and courses that make changes through the accreditation of approval processes. Planning, Implementing, Reviewing and Improving would set the pattern for improvement of quality care of QI. The framework is vital with any organization for areas of improvement without a framework an organization could fail or there could be consequences with patient care (Quality Improvement, 2013). Where quality of healthcare originate?

Quality of health care mainly originated in 1915 when Theodore Roosevelt became president. In 1920 a Committee on the Costs of Medical Care proposed a program for group medicine and voluntary health insurance, which was named as “socialized medicine” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2009). Around the 1960’s Medicare and Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance were developed to improve quality of health care. These programs are where Health Care Reform began. QI also came into play with the Health Care Reform (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2009). Why various stakeholders define quality of care differently? Each stakeholder uses different methods of measurement for quality care. These measures are Identification, Categorization and Evaluation. Typology is term means “efficiency”. There are three levels Perspective, Outputs, and Inputs. Perspective evaluates the efficiency of the entity and the objective. Covers the health care providers (physicians, hospitals, nursing homes) health care delivery services (AHRQ, 2008). Intermediaries (health plans, employers) who collect from providers or individuals (their own behalf) which are indirect to the delivery of health care services. Health care services used by patients and consumers. There is society that encompasses the first three tiers (AHRQ, 2008). Roles of various clinicians and patients in QI

There are more non-medical clinicians in the field of health care today; they supply the demands for health care in...
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