Quality Improvement Paper

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  • Published : April 17, 2006
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Quality Improvement Paper
Every company should want to ensure that it produces quality products or services. Verizon field technicians use a checklist to help ensure that they are doing quality work. The checklist reminds the technician what needs to be done at each job. Even with a checklist and process in place it could be better. The mangers need to spend more time in the field ensure quality work is being done. Verizon

Verizon customer zone technicians install and repair phone lines in Verizon's network for both residential and business customers. To insure that the customer has quality service there is a checklist in place for all technicians to follow. By following the checklist the technician can insure that the customer has quality service and there will not be a need for a return visit by a technician in the near future. If the checklist is not followed and another technician needs to return to the customer to fix the problem then it will cost the company money. Another technician will have to be sent out on a job that could have been prevented if the technician followed the checklist. There are times when it may be necessary to send another technician out even if the original technician did follow the checklist. The fewer times technicians need to visit a customer the more money Verizon saves and the better likely hood that the customer will have a good opinion of the company. Process

Some of the steps in the process do not necessarily relate to the quality of work being done but to the relationship with the customer. The first step after the technician gets the job is to call the customer at their can be reached number to inform then that the technician is on the way and what time they expect to arrive. The can be reached number is usually the customers number or cell phone. Once the technician arrives at the customer's location he will then make contact with the customer to let them know he has arrived. If the customer can not be reached then...
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